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Church History

     Community Baptist Church began as a bible study in the spring of 1990.  The bible study was held at The Warm Springs Resort  on Tuesday evenings and was started to fill a need for Baptist Christians to have a midweek bible study locally.  This bible study gave an opportunity to reach out to Idaho City and surrounding communities. 

     The bible study rapidly grew to 20+ attending regularly, and It became obvious to those who started the bible study, that God was building a church. We were blessed to have Jerry and Sharon VanBuren as members of our original charter group, as Jerry was associated with Northwest Baptist Missions, an organization that planted churches in the northwest. 

     We soon became a church and had reached a size where we needed a larger facility.  The church started as The First Baptist Church of Boise Basin.  In 1992 the church began to meet in the multipurpose room at The Basin Elementary School in Idaho City.  Bob Charlton became the Pastor, and Jerry VanBuren and Richard Lamica were the first Deacons.

     Padded folding chairs and hymnals were purchased, and a podium was built.  A sound system was donated for the services.  Coffee and cookies were always available during the Sunday School hour and after the worship services.   For two years the chairs and all the equipment was hauled back and forth in a camp trailer and set up each week for Sunday services.  In 1994 the church purchased the building and property at 15 Lodge Pole Lane permanent home.  The building was in pretty bad shape and it took about two weeks to carve out a place to hold meetings for Sunday services.  Remodeling went on on for a little more than one year, but a church building with a sanctuary, three classrooms, an office and kitchen emerged.  Work on the outside of the building took an additional year.  Later the church officially changed it's name to Community Baptist Church. 

It is amazing what God can do with committed and generous people. 

To God be the Glory, Amen!